In February the Drake Relay’s hasn’t even crossed the minds of most people.  However, it’s a different story for the Drake Relays’ student broadcast producers.  In February the producers are already working hard to make sure they can pull of a successful Drake Relay’s.   This year I had the great privilege of working on the Relay’s broadcast team.


My position was the pre-produced producer.  I was in charge of making sure that we had packages for the broadcast.   This pre-produced content is very important to break up the track meet.  I hired line producers to organize their own group of reporters and camera operators. I assigned each group a list of three packages to produce.  I am very proud of all of my line producers for the content that they produced.


While I was busy working on pre-produced content my fellow producers were working hard creating graphics, radio packages, and promotional materials.  There was a lot of work to get done before the big event and each and every one of our producers stepped up to the plate to get their job done.



Before the relay’s we taped two pre shows that aired before the Relay’s.  One show, called Warm Up, focused on the Drake Relay’s Impact on campus and in the community.   The second show was the pre-show and it aired right before the live Relay’s coverage started on Friday morning.   We had four or our top notch reporters be anchors for the two thirty minute television spots.



When the day of the relays finally arrived, we were prepared.  We broadcasted live on the college channel and online at for seven hours total.  This year we also decided to add live coverage of the events to 94.1 the Dog.

We had reporters on the field interviewing athletes and we had broadcasters in the booth calling the races.  Our talent made the Relay’s broadcast come alive.   The day of Relays the producers made sure everything was running smoothly.  We directed, ran audio, sports directed, and operated the board in the radio station.  This successful broadcast would not have been completed with out the effort of every single person on our team.



The Drake Relay’s consumes the lives of the student producers for an entire semester, but in the end it is all worth it.  Being able to see something you worked so hard at come to life is an amazing feeling.  I can not thank all of our line producers, camera operators, reporters, and broadcasters enough for all of their hard work.  I am so grateful to be able to work with such talented people.  I am all ready looking forward to next relay’s when we get to start all over again.