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Drake Relays: Behind the Scene’s

In February the Drake Relay’s hasn’t even crossed the minds of most people.  However, it’s a different story for the Drake Relays’ student broadcast producers.  In February the producers are already working hard to make sure they can pull of a successful Drake Relay’s.   This year I had the great privilege of working on the Relay’s broadcast team.


My position was the pre-produced producer.  I was in charge of making sure that we had packages for the broadcast.   This pre-produced content is very important to break up the track meet.  I hired line producers to organize their own group of reporters and camera operators. I assigned each group a list of three packages to produce.  I am very proud of all of my line producers for the content that they produced.


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Public Service Announcement

As a radio/television producing major at Drake University, I take classes that help advance my skills in both radio and television. This semester is my first time taking a class on the radio side of my major. I am taking a class called Digital Audio Writing and Producing. In this class we are learning a variety of different things that help advance our skills in writing and producing for the radio. We also have our own radio show on 94.1 the Dog that airs one a week. One of the main things we do in this class is writing and producing public service announcements for non-profits in the Des Moines area. Our PSA’s air on 94.1 the Dog.


PSA for the I have a Dream Foundation of Des Moines.



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Lauren the Radio DJ

This semester I am hosting my first radio show, on 94.1 the Dog, Drake Universities student run radio station. My show is called, Inspiration Station. I play an hour of inspirational and uplifting music every Monday at 5.

I play songs form all different genres. My only requirement is that the songs has a positive and inspiring message. This is a sample of the types of songs I play on Inspiration Station.


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Rio de Janeiro

Dear Rio de Janeiro,


Thank you. Obrigada. You have giving me far more than I could every give you. You presented me with new experiences, new perspectives, new friends, an open mind, and astounding views.

One of my favorite quotes is, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” You cannot truly learn and grow if you stay only with in what you are familiar with. sugarloaf My time in Brazil allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone to truly learn and grow.

The kids at Obra Do Berco taught me that you don’t need to speak the same language to communicate and impact one another. The people living in the favelas taught me to be thankful and non-judgmental. Overall Brazil taught me to be open. This beautiful country and its people taught me to be open to new cultures and life beyond my comfort zone. Brazil taught me to listen to the untold stories and get to know people whom are different from myself.

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The Spring Break Adventures of Winston III

Who ever said fish are a lame pet didn’t know what they were talking about. Fish are a ball of fun especially if the fish’s name is, Winston III. My good friend Jenna entrusted me with Winston III over spring break. He came to live with me and all I had to do was make sure to feed him and keep him alive. I quickly learned however, that feeding a fish is not the only thing you need to do. Fish need love, adventure, and fun. Winston III and I took spring break one adventure at a time.



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Saving Starfish

Odds are if you see me I will be wearing a starfish around my neck. No not a real star fish, but necklace with a small silver starfish hanging on the end. Starfish have a lot of meaning to me and it all stems from this story.

One day a middle aged, grumpy, business man decided to take a walk on the beach outside of his office building to clear his head. He had a long day in the office and nothing seemed to be going right for him.



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