Who ever said fish are a lame pet didn’t know what they were talking about. Fish are a ball of fun especially if the fish’s name is, Winston III. My good friend Jenna entrusted me with Winston III over spring break. He came to live with me and all I had to do was make sure to feed him and keep him alive. I quickly learned however, that feeding a fish is not the only thing you need to do. Fish need love, adventure, and fun. Winston III and I took spring break one adventure at a time.



On the first day of break Winston III and I played a riveting game of go fish. He was a natural at the game because well…. he is a fish. He won every single hand we played.


On the first Sunday morning of spring break we read the bible together. He even had his own little bible. He was quite fond of it. This was his favorite verse. “Or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you.” -Job 12:8  Basically he relates really well to his fellow fish in the bible.


You see, Winston III had an accident. I won’t name name but somebody dropped him on the floor a few months back leaving him with a disabled fin. He swims a little funny and floats to the top of his bowl often. Disability or not we love him anyway.

One of the most famous fish we know has a similar disability. Nemo, has a fin that doesn’t work quite right just like Winston III. We watched Finding Nemo together and it really helped Winston over come is distress about his disability. It taught him that his disabilities don’t define him. We both gave this inspiring movie two thumbs up!


Winston III loves long walks around campus. I took him for a walk one day and he chased ever squirrel he saw. He may think he is a dog now…


One day during spring break while I was away, Winston became a fish genius. He learned every concept needed for Calculus , memorized the periodic table, read the entire encyclopedia, and even wrote my sociology paper about the passing self for me! This fish is now capable of doing all of my homework! He is very soFISHticated!


It only took me a couple hours to teach Winston how to play the saxophone for him to become the next Jazz music great! I got him into a jazz band and he is already taking the music world by storm!


The night before our dear friend Jenna arrived back to campus was a rough one for Winston III. He was so excited to see her that he could hardly sleep. I tucked him into bed and read him a bed time story. We were both just so excited for Jenna to return home!

There are a few morales to this story.

1. Fish are friends not food and you are supposed to go on adventures with your friends.
2. If you are stuck in Des Moines for spring break you can make it fun!
3. Fish can’t run away. If you don’t see it in the bowl at first keep looking, it is in there. (Yes I thought I lost Jenna’s fish….)