Hello. Meet Lauren Baker.


Hi, I’m Lauren Baker. I am a senior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where I am earning a duel degree in Radio/Television Producing and Sociology with a concentration in Social Justice in Urban Education. I was born and raised on a farm outside the small town of Winfield Iowa.

Even if I didn’t realize it at the time, my interest and fascination of video started when I was rather young. In elementary school every one of my birthday parties consisted of my friends and I making short movies with my mothers 1990’s sony home video camera. Our main specialties were soap operas, newscasts, sci-fi dramas, and a movie adaptation to, Tom Saywer. This was the start of my love for video.

My junior year of High School I took a multimedia classes where I learned how to edit video with iMovie, use a video camera, and photoshop. Taking this class is the first time I thought of video as a career and I started looking for colleges. After this class, I was given several opportunities to produce video in high school. I was hired both my junior and senior year, to produce a memory video for my county fair. I shot video, took still photos, interviewed people, and edited the video for this project. The video was shown to a crowd of people on the last day of the Henry County Fair. In my high school I was also known for my love of video which is why I was asked to edit the Class of 2013 Senior video.

My desire to improve my video skills led me to Drake University and a major in Radio/TV Producing. At Drake I dove right into classes such as, Television Studio Production, Video Field Photography, Film Studies, photography Advanced Video Production and Writing and Reporting Principles. I also got involved in Drake Broadcasting Systems, The Times Delphic, Drake Digital News, and the Drake Relays Student Broadcast, where I have been a field reporter, an associate producer, and the executive producer. While at Drake I also worked at at KCCI 8 News, Des Moines’ CBS affiliate. At KCCI I am a floor director. I use my leadership skills to take charge of the studio floor during the evening newscasts. I am currently employed at Meredith Corporation as a video editor at Midwest Living Magazine.

As an extrovert, in college I have also realized that I have a love for people. I love learning about people, talking to people, and learning from other people. My interest in learning about people is why I am also pursing a degree in Sociology as well as a concentration in education.

I want to explore the world and meet people through the lens of my camera.